Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander

New Shoes

My grandson is a becoming a real petrolhead. His father is in the car wholesale business, his grandfather is fixing old cars so what can you expect. He came to help me for a while and is almost ready for his own Studebaker. No this are not the new shoes, we’ll come to that later.


One of the scariest steps in the project was the installation of the windows, especially the curved rear windows. Since I had never done a thing like this and I thought the windows were too precious to crack I invited a specialist. Marcel Beumer (seen on his back in the rear while packing his things) of AutoGlaz did a marvelous job. Both front and both rear windows were placed well within two hours.



Another major step: A full set of brand new tires, the new shoes. Radials to improve the ride. The old ones were cracked and falling apart and needed replacement. I found the new ones at a place called Classic Tire in Aalsmeer that happened to be run by Kees Jongejan, an old primary school mate that I had lost track of for more than 50 years. It was good to meet him again and I am quite pleased with the result.




After installing the tires I did some more work on the interior. and even the light is working now!


And the righthand doors are ready, except for the armrests. They look terrible and I still have to fix them.

After that I started on the left front door and ruined the window run. I bent it in the wrong place, tried to bend it back and found out that it it dies not bend back without wrinkling the stainless steel edges. Since I had the exact length, and nothing to spare I am now looking for a new lenght that at least looks the same. Wish me luck.




And just today I installed the rear bumper.


It is slowly beginning to look like a car.



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