Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander

Roll out and more

This week the car came back to the nest. The trick is now to find all the parts in the multitude of boxes, filled with even more plastic bags with even more parts. Fortunately I categorized it all. It is not one big pile of parts.


When I shipped the 1941 President I loaded it with many interior parts for this car. One of these was the headliner. It is quite a trick to install it right, without any wrinkles and with the right tension. It took me a full day and this is the result.



2 Reacties


    Magnificent!!! Refurbishing looks great, compliments on that!
    Paintjob: is this the original color?
    And do you refer to her as a lady of a lad?
    Bye, Marlène

    1 april 2016 om 07:49

  2. Marlène,

    The car was originally Plaza Gray, a color more suitable for coffins than for cars. If you scroll back through my blog you can check it out. This color, Midnight Blue, is one of the original 1950 Studebaker colors. I scanned an original paint chip, let the computer create a recipy and ordered the color.

    With curves like this it cannot be called anything but a lady.

    1 april 2016 om 08:44

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