Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander

Steering wheel

I finished the seat covers and I have to say: Ernie Loga of Loga Enterprises did an excellent Job. They fit beautifully. Unfortunately as soon as I installed the seats I noticed a nasty error. 20150804_154339The fabric of the seat was inverted compared to the back rest. Since I had ordered the stuff more than two years ago I was not sure if I stood any chance with Ernie. I did, carefully, mail him with the story and my disappointment. Within two hours I had a reply that he will make a new set for me. Incredible! And even though I will have to do the backrests again I am still extremely happy and very pleased with the super service of Ernie. I can certainly recommend him if you need upholstery for your Studebaker.

In the mean time word had gone around that I have done the interior of this second car after the 1941 President. Some people even talked positively about it so shortly after I was asked to help with the seat of a 1964 Chevvy Impala. A nice car with a bland beige fabric on the seats.With the brother of the owner I started to install new foam and the bright red covers on a Saturday morning and planned to finish it before Beer O’clock. We first did the rear backrest: Nice fit. Then the rear seat: Nice fit. 20150808_135612 20150808_135624The front backrest is a bit of a challenge because it is a front-and-back-in-one-piece. We had to slide it over the frame and new foam and pull it down. Quite a job if you want enough foam to make it tight but again: Nice fit. Now is it an epidemic or is it standard practice to send wrong seat covers? When we were about ten or fifteen Hog Rings into installing the front seat I noticed that id did not fit at all. Big wrinkles, too much fabric here and not enough there. We had to put back the old cover to make the car usable. Next afternoon I found out that we had two back seat covers. Let’s see if Chevvy guys are as friendly as Studebaker guys and also send the new cover without problems.

The steering wheel of my ’50 Commander was completely ruined when I took it out. Unfortunately good ones are hard to find. I found a 1952 steering wheel. Damaged, cracked in several places and quite different but it fits. I drilled out the cracks, filled it with epoxy filler, sanded it until it was back in shape. A few layers of paint and a clear coat and it looks new again. A temporary solution which, I am afraid’will have to last a while.20150819_172432 (1) 20150819_172447



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