Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander

Found it.

The foam did arrive and what a wrap it was! The size of two adult men stuck together. Instead of asking if I could open the main door he just started to push it through the small entry door of the office. Since we were at the inside all we saw was just a mountain of foam trying to squeeze itself through the door. After what seemed like 10 minutes the pile retreated and a guy stuck his head through the door asking if there was another door for number 17. Duh. A garage!

The rear backrest was first. I started with a new burlap cover over the steel springs. On that a 5 cm (2″) layer of foam and a 2 cm (13/16″) of Fiberfill. All glued together lightly to make sure it will not slide out of position once the cover is on it. On top of that goes the seat cover that I ordered about two years ago. It fits like a glove and the hog rings went on smoothly. All I need is three buttons to finish it off but I am not so sure if I will install these. Any pointers on why I should install these buttons are welcome.


The same procedure (more or less) for the rear seat although I have to reopen it a bit to install some foam round the corners. On the pic you can see the spring frame push through the seat cover.


The front seats are installed on a moving frame so the seat can be adjusted. Yesterday I took the cushions off, took the covers off and got the roller running again. Time to clean up the frame and paint it but for that you need the paint! I will paint it in the original color which is the color I used for the top of the dashboard, a dark silver/anthracite metallic. I knew I had the can somewhere but after two hours of going through each and every box I still could not find it. Now the little paint that I lost was not so much the problem but the fact that I lost the sticker with the paint code worried me quite a bit. This morning I found it, to my surprise, with the household paints.



Now I could start to clean, sand and spraypaint the side covers. 20150718_200742And while I was at it I also took care of the window mouldings that will be painted in the same original color.20150718_200819


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