Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander

Let there be light.

My last report I was still working on the electrical wiring. turn signal

It is all in place now and connected, except for a few wires to the door switches. The lights are working, the car even has turn indicators now. Imagine that in the early fifties they were an option that had to be ordered separately. I had to install extra light fixtures in the rear lights to accommodate the lamps and change the parking light fixtures to fit the 5/21 Watt bulbs.

The overdrive electrical system is quite a complex setup. A relay, several switches, a governor and a solenoid, all wired together. It did not work. Eventually I found out that the OD relay coil was the problem. Jan Telkamp had a used one. This had the same problem. A third relay, of a slightly different type was working but I had to change the wiring setup to make it work. So now I will be driving my ’50 car with a ’55 relay. Originality down the drain so as soon as I can lay my hands on an original, working relay I’ll have to undo my modifications again.DSC_2882

By now the instrument panel is more or less in place. I’ll have to leave it open  since the wipers still have to be mounted. the have a vacuum motor that was leaking air on all sides and I still have to find the parts to fix it,

After that the brakes had to be bled and readjusted. I had done the initial setup when the body was still off the frame and that left me with a lot of travel before the brakes reacted. I am still not overly enthusiastic but I think the automatic adjustment will do the rest.

Today I started with the upholstery. Under the roof I glued the soundproofing material. Original material, quite heavy felt, but with modern fire resistant stuff in it. All of a sudden all the noises in the workshop are absorbed. Tomorrow I’ll start on the windlaces. A new nay, a new challege.




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