Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander

Electrical wiring

After rejoining the body and frame I continued with several other body parts. It slowly starts to look like a regular car again.

20150424_142942 20150424_143004

Now I am working on the electrical wiring. This proves to be more work than I expected. Figuring out which wire goes where is quite a job since the wires are not marked, only color coded and Studebaker uses the black wire a lot. For my President I ordered the wires from Donald Erickson of Lark Works. The wire ends were all numbered and the numbers corresponded with the supplied list. Excellent! For this car however I ordered a few years ago from Narrangansett Wiring. The loom seems to be good, it looks awesome, but it is a lot of work to confirm each and every wire before I connect it.

Never mind I’ll get there in the end.

20150424_143019 20150424_143039

The heater thermostat needed a new seal before I could close the cooling system and the instrument panel needed a new coat of paint.



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