Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander

Winter time

The time of the year to step into the shed, close the door and work for hours of tiny little items. Well that’s what I’ve been doing the last few month. Cleaning the old nuts, bolts and washers. Still there is quite some progress to report.


IMG-20141110-WA0001After the body was blasted and painted in epoxy 20141027_161507I started repairing the thin spots. Door openings and the edge of the trunk were thin and in some spots rusted away so the had to be replaced. The rear doors had a series of small holes where the gravel deflectors had been and on the “bubble”. New pieces had to be formed on the English wheel, welded in place and tinned until the original shape was back. I still have the right rear door to go.

The front door were better and only needed some new parts in the bottom.


20141228_131636When it is really too cold in the garage I resort to my slightly warmer shed and work on the smaller parts. Clean, blast, sand, prime, fill,sand again and, when all is done, paint in the right color. Here one of the fans and a duct of the ventilation system, both is Semi Gloss Black.

I painted the inside of the body, the bottom and the firewall in “Midnight Blue”, an original 1950 Studebaker color than I selected for the exterior. A beautiful dark blue that really makes the chrome stand out. Much better than the original ‘Plaza Grey’, a color that is suitable for coffins and the Eifel Tower

Yesterday I started preparations for the joining of the body and the frame as you can see on the last two pictures.













2 Reacties

  1. Marco Lange

    Great! Will stop by your shop one of these days!!

    6 februari 2015 om 07:16

  2. Ted Gibbs

    Should look great in Lancia blue. My Commander is driveable but nedes rewiring & repainting &&. Have just bought a 1950 Land Cruiser – am waiting for a cyl. head from USA – this one needs a repaint too..Keep up the good work. Ted. Eastleigh, UK.

    7 februari 2015 om 15:06

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