Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander

It’s been too long

OK, it really has been too long but I have an excuse. All of a sudden an other love came into my life. I found a 1941 President and I could not let it go. It took me a year and a bit to get her up and running to my standard but here she is:




I took her to the Le Mans Classic race and back without missing a beat. A wonderful 2000 miles road trip with my sons Bas and Tom

Road trip to Le Mans Classic 2014

All said and done I’m now finally back to work on the 1950 Commander. This summer I already started cleaning, straightening and preparing the fenders and the doors. The fenders are ready and the doors still need some welding. Today the body was blasted and came out pretty well. A few thin spots where I’ll have to weld her but mainly a solid body.






Eén reactie

  1. Jaco

    Hoi Kees, ik heb weer even alles zitten te bekijken. Ziet er leuk uit, word goed aangepakt.
    Even ter herinnering; in klassiek & techniek van deze maand staat de TR7.
    Vriendelijke groet,

    17 november 2014 om 19:14

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