Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander


Today I had the time to clean the exterior of the engine, tape it off and spray it with the primer. It makes quite a difference.

What I had not yet mentioned was that I found a New Old Stock cylinder head to replace the cracked one. Amazingly I found it here in the Netherlands at just a two hour drive. It weighs about 700 grams (a pound and a half) more than the old one. I presume this is what has rusted away in 60 years. Anyway, I sprayed it as well.

I also replaced the studs from the exhaust manifold to exhaust flange (The thread had gone) brushed and painted it with a heat resistant steel color paint. Let’s see how long that stays.


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  1. Ted.

    Fabulous -this is going to be some Stude!

    16 oktober 2012 om 19:56

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