Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander

The Carburetor

It took a while to get started again. First it took a lot of extra work to get the little Triump rolling for the summer. It still uses a liter of oil for 300 km’s but at least it works again and it drives excelently. I took it to the Le Mans Classic and it behaved.

Last week I was in Washington. A parcel from Stude-Intl containing crankshaft bearings, Rod bearings, And a set for the carb and the fuel pump. Monday I picked up new pistons for the engine. New Old Stock. So yesterday I started on the carburetor. Taking it apart, cleaning and polishing the lot and reassembling it again.

This is what it looked like before I started, Below a shot of the finished product.


Taking the Fuel Pump apart was a piece of cake. It’s now soaking in degreaser fluid so next week I can continue with that.


Eén reactie

  1. Ted.

    Glad to see you’re back working on the proper car !!

    26 juli 2012 om 15:25

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