Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander

Broken teeth and a crack in my head

After opening up the engine I took the time to take every thing off and out of the block. The valves are not too well so I decided to replace them if I could find reasonable replacements. Once again Jan Telkamp cam e to my rescue. A full set of completely new old stock inlet and exhaust valves. Super! The valve springs were all in excellent condition, as were the cam followers, the spring dampers and the camshaft.

I want to replace the piston ring but so far I have not been able to find them. There is a slight extra difficulty. In september1956 the engine was replaced by number 4R3944. An engine that is listed as a truck engine and it looks as if the pistons are a bit different from the ones that were installed in the original engine. I’m still trying to find out the right part number for the proper ring set.

When I started to clean up the head I was initially happy how it came out. The bottom cleaned up nicely and it seemed completely flat. That all changed when I worked the top. Two cracks emerged from the water outlet opening. One to the edge around the corner and one in the direction of the number two spark plug hole.

Not Good!

Now here I run into the same problem as with the piston rings. Can I use the same head as the originally installed engine or not?

The oil pump showed another little problem. It has two broken teeth on the drive shaft gear. I guess I need a new one for that too.

I decided to have hardened valve seats installed. This will make it possible to drive on unleaded or even modify the car to LPG if I would like to. I found an engine repair facility that has a good reputation in the restoration world. Tomorrow I will have a talk with then to see what they can do for me.. I’ll report on that later.


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