Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander

The engine

Today I officially started the restoration of the engine. This morning I came home with two packages, one from Studebaker International and one from StudebakerParts. They contained a few parts I still need for the prop shaft and the rear brakes but most importantly a gasket and seal set for the engine.

I started the afternoon by installing the rear brakes with the new parts but I soon found out the one of the springs was delivered wrong. Two versions of the left spring and none of the right wheel version. Stalled again. I decided the is week to replace the center support bearing of the prop shaft and I hope to pick that up next week in Washington so I could not continue in that area either.

Since the engine is the next episode, and I installed in on the stand a while ago, I thought I’d start on the engine. It looks dirty, really a mess but it is in a super shape. It gives me hope that a cleanup job is all that is needed. The pistons can be moved by hand, the valves open and close more or less in time and oil is everywhere it is supposed to be. Tomorrow I’ll start checking the wear on the bearings an pistons and decide where we go from here.

By the way, the pictures in the blog are “clickable” for an enlarged view.



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  1. Ted Gibbs

    Nice to see all the studs intact – I’ve got to have my manifold off as one or two of mine have sheared. Please let me know if you find a source for bumper iron rubbers – these 61 year old ones are perished, & I suspect yours will be as well!

    16 februari 2012 om 13:46

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