Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander


So what have I been doing in November? Well I just continued cleaning, painting and powdercoating more parts. Every time I keep promising my wife that these are the last really dirty parts, and from now on thing will be improving. I keep finding really dirty parts.

After my last report I cleaned the rear axle. It’s beautiful now.


All the parts of the rear brakes are clean now and ready to be installed and just this evening I started on the drive shaft. In the universal links it has some very interesting needle bearings. They don’t come out too easily but as soon as they are out they spill all the needles.  Fortunately I saw it coming so I think I still have all the needles. If any of you has a tip how to but hem back together, keep them together and join the universals links again, feel free to mail me. It looks as if I’ll need a trick.

This month I’ll be moving to another location. I get the same floor size but I’ll be able to make a second floor over part of it. This will give me a little more storage room.


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