Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander

Still working on the frame

Let’s begin with the tank. The last message showed the tank after I cleaned it. When I painted it something went wrong. I used a solvent that was too strong for the paint I used so the second layer nicely dissolved the first one. John, the professional painter in our garage, took over and this is what it looks like now. I planned on installing the tank straight away but that has to wait. The right side is mounted on the side of the spare wheel well which is part of the body. That is why you see it here leaning against the wall.

While he was at it, John also took care of my wheels. They were in a bad state, with lots of rust so I had to brush and blast them first. The result is as blinding as black wheels can get.

In the meantime I took care of the last parts of the front wheel suspension. Here you see the lower arm before I cleaned it. I had to take out and almost forgotten tool to remove the rust and dirt from the lower control arm.

By now the front is really taking shape. The old brake lines show rust so I had to replace them. I heard so many bad stories about copper lines that I decided to install CuNiFer lines. Thereby knowingly compromising originality for safety. 


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  1. ted

    You are making mine look like an old banger ! Have you any idea where I can find a roadwheel for my Commander Starlight 1950? The Hawk wheels are smaller & I get no response from UK or USA sources. 15″ wheel – 3″ between stud centres.
    If your restoration carries on like this it will be better than new !! Magnificent ! Regards. Ted. UK.

    10 november 2011 om 22:22

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