Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander

Another week


To clean the inside of a tank without opening it is quite a challenge. A week ago I picked up a package of three fluids at Blankers Unusual Classics in Est, near Tiel. Marine Clean is there to remove the usual contamination like gum and vanish from the tank, Metal ready is there to remove the rust from the inside and POR 15 tank sealer does what the same suggests.

Marine Clean worked perfectly. Shake, rattle and roll until you hurt. In three steps the juice came out clean. The Metal ready disappointed me. I had to use two handful of pebbles to assist it with the removal of the rust. Shake, rattle and roll again as if your life depends on it. Thereafter I used Caustic Soda in hot water until it was really clean. In this phase you have to keep a good look at the inside of the tank. It is aggressive stuff and you don’t want to damage the tank.

After flushing and drying the tank I poured in the tank sealer. The can suggest the use of protective gloves. Believe me, you should. I had to use Scotch Brite to clean my hands, a scrub that outdid anything my daughter ever did to her face. No shake, no rattle but a lot of rolling this time. Once the whole inside of the tank was well covered I poured out the rest and saved it in the can. Two days later I went through  the same motions for a better coverage.

The Outside of the tanks proved to be the easy part. No picture of it yet but once it is installed I’ll show you that.

The right front brake was next. The bearings are still in excellent condition, the shoes look like they have been re-lined lately but the grease seal are dead. The felt is gone and the housing has been under a train and hammered back into shape by an amateur. Jan Telkamp provided me with new grease seals. This man is great. Every time I’m looking for something He opens a drawer and within minutes he finds what I’m looking for.

After fiddling with the self adjuster mechanism for half an hour the brakes slid together as if they were new. Too bad I have to hide this beautiful view behind the brake drum. New hoses from Rijsbergen and new brake cylinders from StudebakerParts completed the brake.


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