Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander

Electrostatic-not-so-Magic (Frustration)

Just eleven parts. Than it quit again!

I’m talking about the Powder Coating System I bought from ElectrostaticMagic in the UK. The first time it took a few weeks and a few dozens of parts before it quit. Just out of the blue, no more charge. This time, after powdering just eleven parts, the power light extinguished and when stepping on the power pedal the charge light stays out. With a few hundred parts to go this could become a lengthy job… 

The parts that I did coat however are looking great. These are parts for the suspension of the rear axle and the rear roll bar.

So for the moment I’ll be back to cleaning parts that have to shine.

To be fair to the company, you also should read my post from sept 8th. ElectrostaticMagic send me a new set and it has been working so far.


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