Blog over de restauratie van mijn '50 Studebaker Commander


After three weeks of traveling through Indonesia I started again this morning. At first I made the chassis ready to be powder coated. Remove the last few parts, remove the dents from the cross member and remove the 7/8 socket that I lost in the forward cross member. 

I welded a few small cracks in the right front wheel area. The upper A frame had been attached by standard bolts in stead of class 5 and these were stretched a bit. The play that evolved must have caused it to rattle and cause a few small cracks. Lesson: Use proper class 5 bolts. To my surprise I also found the serial number in the rear cross member. It looks as if it is put there by an amateur. (Also the pic was made by an amateur who could not wait for the autofocus to finish)

When all was ready I brought the frame to Kriek lakspuit- en moffelinrichting BV to be coated. It will be ready in 5 to 10 days.

In the afternoon I put the engine on the stand and started to take it apart. The Dynamo and the water pump came off easily. 

Under the lower bracket of the dynamo I found, what looks like the original engine color.

Here the carburetor, looking small on the over sized inlet manifold .  Once all of it will be cleaned and polished this will look great under the hood.

And tonight I have brushed and coated a few more parts.


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